Little League Rules

Official rules are available on the Little League website.

Central Altadena Little League Bylaws and Local Rules

The Mountain and Coast Division operate as a preseason instructional division where records of wins and losses only determine playoff seeding.

League playoffs with be governed by tournament committee made up of the League President,  Division Vice President and one board member at large.  If there is a conflict of interest with either of the committee members, that committee member shall recue themselves and the Vice President will fill the vacated position.  All tournament rulings will be determined by this committee.

Division Age Alignment is as follows:

T-ball: 5-7 years of age
Bantam: 6-8 years of age
Coast: 9-11 years of age
Mountain: 10-12 years of age

Juniors: 13-14 years old



Bantam, Coast and Majors players are required to try-out on scheduled try-out dates.

  1. The Draft method for Majors, Coast, and Bantam will be plan B per Little League Operations Manual

Field Rules

- The home team manager or coach will be responsible for getting the field lined up for each game.     
- The home team manager will be responsible for setting up pad for backstop, setting bases and chalking batters box.
Mangers for each team will be responsible for setting up the home run fence on lower field. 
Managers for each team of the last game for the day will be responsible for the breakdown of the home run fence. 
All managers and coaches will be responsible for a clean dugout after each game. 
-Fly balls hitting the trees in the outfield on the lower field will be considered home runs. 
- Team practices on game day fields must end at least one 1 hour and 30 minutes before the scheduled game time.  In the event the team practice runs over, the practicing team must assist the home team scheduled to play with field preparation.

    Mountain/Coast Rules

    Game Time Limits (Coast Only)

    From the established start time of the game, no new inning shall begin after 1 hour and 45 minutes of play.  (NOTE: Time is marked from the final out of the previous inning)

    Example:  If the third out of the bottom of fourth inning is recorded at 1 hour and 44 minutes, then the entire fifth inning will be played.  If the final out is made at 1 hour and 45 minutes and 1 second, the game will be declared over by the umpire and the fifth inning is not played
    Exceptions:  Time limits do not apply during league playoffs and tournament rules are in place or there is no game scheduled immediately following the current game and lighting issues are not a factor.  Both managers must agree to waive the time limit rule before the start of the game.  Thus, a drop dead time of 2 hours or six innings will be imposed, whichever comes first

    Batting Order

    Managers must bat their entire roster during the instructional games and may substitute defensive positions at anytime without penalty as long as all players’ play 6 outs in the field. During the play-off portion of the season, managers will bat only 9 players and follow the substitution procedures at outlined by Little League Tournament rules.

    Five Run Rule (Coast Only)

    -Teams are limited to scoring five runs per inning in all innings except the final one.
    -The final inning of the game will be declared open.  Teams may score as many runs as they can before the third out is recorded by their opponent

    Exceptions: Rule does not apply during league playoffs. Tournaments rules apply.

    Mercy Rule (Mountain Only)

    If after 4 innings, 3 1/2 if the home team is ahead, a team has a lead of ten (10) runs or more, the manager of the team with the least runs shall concede the victory to the opponent and the game will be declared over.         


    All-Star selection for District Tournaments will be determined by division managers and division vice-presidents. Player voting will also be taken into consideration by the last Saturday in May.  Ballots will be submitted to each team manager to be distributed to players.  

    Although All-Star managers are appointed by President, weighted consideration will be given to the manager who wins the league tournament.

    Bantam Rules


    1sthalf of season:

    Machine pitch four balls – player is out after four pitches unless last pitch is fouled.  Batter can continue his/her at-bat on foul balls.

    Machine pitching should be 33’ to 35’ from the plate.


    2ndhalf of season:

    - Kids pitch through a full count.  A batter who gets four balls gets a walk.  There is a maximum of two walks per inning.  After the second walk in an inning, a batter who gets four balls does not walk and the coach will pitch up to three additional balls.  Batter is out after three pitches unless last pitch is fouled.  Batter can continue his/her at-bat on foul balls.

    - Kids should pitch from 40’ from the plate.

    - Kids are limited to 50 pitches per game.  Managers from each team are responsible keeping track of their players pitch count. 

    - Players reaching the max pitch count can not play catcher for the remainder of the game.

    - A batter hit by a pitch during kids pitch is allowed to advance to first base.

    Overthrow rules:

    - Players can advance one base for each overthrow until the ball is returned to the pitcher and the umpire calls time out.  The exception to this rule is that a batter cannot reach home plate on an infield overthrow or a series of infield overthrows.  That runner must stop at third base.

    - If an infield play goes into foul territory on an overthrow, play is stopped and each runner is awarded an additional base.  However, a Runner at third may not advance.

    - A runner who has reached third base safely on a hit can advance to home on an overthrow from the outfield.

    Fielding Rules:

    - All players play the field.

    - Catchers must wear proper protection equipment

    Maximum at-bats per inning

    - Each team bats until three outs or until the entire roster of players has batted (whichever comes first). 

    Exception:  the team with fewer players continues batting until three outs or until the number of at-bats equals the team with the larger roster.  For example, a team with 9 players is playing a team with 12 players.  When the team with 9 players is batting, they can have a maximum of 12 at-bats that inning unless three outs are recorded first.

    Base Runners

    - Runners cannot lead off or steal bases

    - Runners cannot advance on passed balls/wild pitches


    - District 17 8/9 year old All-Star selection process will be determined by Bantam managers, Minor AA managers, Coast managers, the Vice-President Bantam and the Vice-President Coast.

    - CALL internal All-Star selection will be based on the top players from each team in the division

    - Each team will select an equal amount of players as All-Star Candidates

    - Based on the number of teams during the current season will determine the number of candidates and how teams are divided

    - All-Star Managers will draw teams at the beginning of the Bantam All-Star Game


    Examples of the all-star selection:

    2 team league scenario
    Top nine players from each team

    3 team league scenario

    Top six players from each team

    4 team league scenario
    Top five players from each team

    5 team league scenario
    Top four players from each team

    6 team league scenario
    Top 3 players from each team

    Greater than 6 team league scenario
    Selection of the top 18 league players voted by division coaches and managers.

    Tee-Ball Rules

    - Game play should be no more than 1 hour

    - Every player bats within the inning regardless of outs.

    - Every player plays the field

    - Coaches pitch 2ndhalf of season. 4 pitches max. After 4 pitches the Tee is required.

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