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Jan, 2021

CALL Update

Dear CALL Family,

First and foremost we want to apologize for not reaching out more often. During this pandemic, it has been such a quickly changing landscape and we want to provide the most up-to-date information.

We are reaching out to families who have participated in the league in the last two years to see if you will be signing up this season. We know this year will come with challenges from safety precautions we will have to put in place. That being said we would like to assure you we are very committed to the safety and health of all the children. Other leagues are also preparing the same in hopes of a season.To that end, here are some of the steps we will take to minimize risk.

1. No handshakes/high fives
2. Equipment should not be shared. When necessary it will be sanitized before use.
3. Everyone must wear a face mask
4. Players and coaches will sit 6 feet apart in the dugout. Everyone will have an assigned spot.
5. Player equipment will be kept outside the dugout.
6. Baseballs will be rotated through and will be used for 2 innings.
7. For each game, there should only be the required team managers/coaches, umpires, and one (1) league administrator (i.e. Safety Officer, player agent, etc.) in attendance.
8. All spectators should follow best social distancing practices — stay six feet away from individuals outside their household; wear a cloth face covering at all times; avoid direct hand or other contact with players/managers/coaches during play.

For more specific information on Little League Best Practices, click on this link

Please let us know if you intend to return and complete the registration. We plan to have the following Divisions this season:
-- Juniors: 13 & 14 years of age
-- Majors: 10-12 years of age
-- Coast: 9-11 years of age
-- Bantam: 6-8 years of age
-- T-ball: 5-7 years of age(must be 5 by 8/31/20)

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. Email Colleen Warnesky (Player Agent) at [email protected]

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